Why Buying Facebook Likes is a Bad Move

You might have come across some services that offer to provide you with hundreds or even thousands of Facebook ‘Likes’, and for anyone new to Facebook with just a handful of fans, this can seem like a very tempting offer.


Firstly though, you need to stop and ask yourself – why do you want to buy likes? Sure, it’s nice to look popular, but what good will looking popular really achieve? The truth is, nothing at all.

The real value of Facebook comes from genuine fans. These are the people that will be past/existing customers and people who largely, have an actual interest in your brand and what you have to say. They are effectively, receptive sales leads and as such, it is generally worthwhile investing your time into engaging with them as they are far more likely to convert into customers or purchase from you again.

   Only genuine fans have a real intrinsic value to your business

The low down is, buy likes and your fans won’t have any genuine interest in your brand and certainty won’t be receptive to anything you do; in which case they are of little or no real value to you. It makes much more sense to build communities organically which is always our preferred approach. Sure, this takes a little longer to achieve, but it will result in a much higher quality of fan who will have real intrinsic value for your business. Continue reading